The Conference was indeed a great success and huge improvement on the 2014 edition in terms of depth and breadth of attendees, speakers and organisation. Here are what some of the participants said:

Congrats on pulling off the event today. Good insights and quality exchange among participants. This Conference gives us a chance to gain insight and discuss where we are and where we are going and start to form some level of unified voice around a broader industry. Glad to have been in attendance.
- Sylvester John, West Africa Executive @ Game Stores (Walmart, US)

I just wanted to say that it was a great conference and I personally enjoyed the day.
- Dotun Adegoke, Senior Buyer @ Sports UK's biggest sports store, UK

Thank you very much for the conference, it was a beautiful event. I think we have a long road to go in bringing more to e-commerce and retail in Nigeria…., but am very confident that we are going in the right direction with a conference like this one.
- Dr Jonathan Doerr, Managing Director @ Jumia

Thanks for a great effort of a genuine patriot. This is a great work in the making. I see this conference growing to become a very important part of our natural economic life, and from what I have seen here today, it must grow, and it will grow. 
- Wale Olaoye,Managing Director @ Halogen Security

The Conference was a great, enlightening and insightful programme… The organizers have done a very good job and they are pioneering the new frontier for retail and I believe everybody will follow suit. This is the beginning and it’s the beginning of very good things to come.
- Adeola Arotiba,Head Retail Services (West Africa) @ GFK and Technology

It actually exceeded my expectation, I was looking up to something more like a discussion session, where people are just going to bear their minds on issues, but I can see this is well organized. Its been really put together by the organizers to really touch on things…, on issues that are affecting retail industry generally.
- Sani Garba,Territory Manager @ Etisalat, Nigeria

It was a great experience
- Abidemi Ajagbe, Senior Manager (Wholesale Channel) @ Airtel Africa

This conference was very interesting…, lot of speakers talk about the challenges in the retail space but the most important thing for me is meeting this pool of different people that work in retail and getting a better insight and understanding of where the retail business is heading.
- Chudi Amu, Vice President @ Verod Capital

Thanks for an enlightening conference yesterday. Very impressed with the production.
- Jide Odunsi, Founder @ Grace Lake Partners

Congrats for a great Conference. Well done to you and your team.
- Joko Okupe,MD @ Marq Siqor Africa

Thank you for putting up such a highly engaging and interactive session.
- Mordi Ochi,Head Account Planning @ The Thinkshop Leo Burnett.

When I got here, I was pleasantly surprised first of all the leaders…. the speakers, the variety, and the experiences and the whole grip on issues was a fantastic tip.


I believe people have gone away more motivated knowing that there is a great future for retail in Nigeria. And am very excited really to see what sort of the next two to three years will bring for Nigeria and the retail industry as a whole.