The Retail Leaders Conferences have been designed to be:

The Opportunity Point

The Conference is an opportunity to;

-  Understand your business in the context of a dynamic and transforming retail

-  Recognise the key variables that will determine the shape and form the retail
    of tomorrow will take.

-  Understand how to relates with and play these variables for maximum success.

-  Understand how you can take best advantage of the opportunities.

-  Network with Retail thought and practice leaders, capacity builders and other key
    retail business ‘enablers’.


The Meeting Point

The Conference serves as;

-  A melting point of ideas for retail excellence.

-  A meeting point of retail opportunities and resources.
-  A confluence of retail practitioners, thought leaders, service providers and policy
     makers (government).
-  A showcase of retail best practices from around the world.


The Refreshment Point

As an annual event, the Conference is;

-  A barometer of progress and a seer of the trajectory of retail transformation in

-  A major plank in the preparation of Nigerians to take advantage of the
    opportunities in retail.

-  The biggest networking meeting for the ‘who is who’ of Retail in

-  The ultimate go-to event for retailing in Nigeria.