Theme: Supporting Retail: The Next Driver of Nigeria’s Economic Growth”

Date: Thursday, June 15, 2017

Venue: Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria

Time: 9:00 AM


This year’s Conference comes against the backdrop of major economic upheavals and structural challenges. The government is actively seeking to reposition the country with emphasis on diversification of the economy. A key sector that is set to become a major growth pillar is retail.

The Conference will be a meeting and melting point for all stakeholders; Retail, Government, Manufacturing, Banks, Telecom, Real Estate... to come together and understand the critical role that retail plays in national economic transformation and how to support retail to grow and ultimately become the anchor of our national economic growth.

.The key issues bedevilling retail that the stakeholders will give attention to includes:

·         The strictures and tightness in the Financial Industry,

·         High and unpredictable (informal) exchange rate

·         The general lower volume of economic activities.

·         Policy and institutional challenges in the areas of;

o   Regulatory and Trading Barriers

o   Underdeveloped Infrastructure

o   Limited Access to Retail Real Estate

o   Scant Consumer and Trade Insights

o   Limited Talent Pipeline

o   Inadequate Access to Finance

o   Poor Structure and Absence of International Best Practices

·     Low and unexploited synergy between retail and Nigerian made goods

The Conference will address these issues and adopt solutions to set retail on the journey to fulfilling its potentials.


SPECIAL WORKSHOP: Driving Outlet Footfall for Profitable Sales & Growth

A key retail success factor is the ability to drive shoppers into the outlets. This is more so, given the exigencies of the Nigeria Economy.

From feedbacks and demands from retailers, this year’s conference will include a special workshop for retailers on “Driving Footfall to the Stores”. The workshop will focus on:

·        How to drive footfall;

·         How to make them buy;

·       How to increase size of basket; and

·      How to use analytics to optimise retail footfall