June 7, 2018
Eko & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

TRLC 2018

The 5th edition taking place of June 7, 2018 promises to be bigger, better and is sure to host even more exciting opportunities for retail businesses and industry stakeholders. As Nigeria’s preeminent gathering of Retail Thought and Practice Leaders, the Conference continues to guide the emerging retail industry along its best transformation path. The Conference is the ultimate go-to event for retail and retailing in Nigeria.

Nigeria is indeed a retailer’s delight. With a population of about 170 million people (the 7th largest in the world), over 80 million people living in its metropolitan areas, consumer spending in excess of about $100 billion a year and a fast-growing middle class, Nigeria is definitely the most promising market on the African continent.

According to the 2016 AT Kearney Global Retail Development Index, despite country’s economic recession, Nigeria Retail sector ranked 19th in the world and 3rd in Africa out of the 30 top developing countries for retail investment in the world, based on all relevant macroeconomic and retail-specific variable, grossing a total national sale of N38tn ($125bn) in 2016.

The retail industry is transforming fast and has become the delightsome bride of many entrepreneurs, particularly international retailers and investors seeking to do business in Africa. Nationally, there is momentum on the side of Retail to become the engine of our national economic growth especially as the government actively seek to reposition the nation with emphasis on diversification of the economy.

Based on feedbacks from the recently concluded 4th edition of the Conference, and in keeping with our tradition of working with you retail industry stakeholders (Local and International) for the greater success of retail businesses and industry as a whole, we are reaching out to you to express your interest in any of the many opportunities provided by the Conference.

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The Conference provides a unique opportunity for retail leaders and executives to share information, new perspectives, insights, future predictions about upcoming trends, big picture retailing concepts and strategy for engaging with and winning today’s socially aware customer. In addition there are unmatched intimate networking opportunities.
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TRLC 2017

The 4th edition of The Retail Leaders Conference has been described by both speakers and participants alike as very inspiring, enlightening and rewarding with participants leaving the Conference renewed and energised with fresh insights and actionable ideas to reposition their business for greater successes.

The Conference was full of exciting ideas, brilliant speakers, high level participation from attendees. On the mainstage, speakers shared illuminating insights into retail business success and transformation strategies, and challenges in an emerging economy. The Conference also discussed the many opportunities retail in Nigeria offers to discerning local and international retail businesses and investors.

The relaxed atmosphere of the Conference provided the perfect backdrop for networking and sharing ideas on how to support the retail businesses and the current retail transformation in the country to overcome the challenges, maximise the emerging opportunities and ultimately fulfil its potential as the engine of national social and economic development and growth.

The Conference therefore stressed the need for collaboration among all actors and stakeholders, including and particularly Government in addressing the challenges facing the industry so that retail can effectively achieve its potential of becoming the engine of national social and economic development and growth.

Experts chart path to growth for Retail sector in Nigeria @ TRLC 2017
(summary of the conference proceedings)

Experts at the just concluded 4th edition of the annual Retail Leaders Conference in Lagos have called on all stakeholders, particularly government to support the industry and guide it along the best transformation path so that retail can achieve its full potentials and contribute immensely to national employment and Gross Domestic Products (GDP) of Nigeria.

They implored Federal Government to provide basic infrastructures in order for the sector to fulfil its full potentials, emphasising that retail markets hold great potential to address the high unemployment rate in the country.

Seizing the momentum and building a retail brighter future
The President, Bervidson Retail Group and the Convener of the Conference, Mr. Joseph Ebata while delivering his welcome address on the topic “Seizing the Momentum and Building a Retail Brighter Future” said the Retail industry in Nigeria has its story of a proud past and a bright future.