BUKKY GEORGE is the Founder and CEO of HealthPlus Limited and CasaBella International. She is a registered pharmacist with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria. She shares the benefits of focus, knowledge, networking and going the extra mile to succeed in life and business.
Bukky on completion of her Pharmacy degree, she began her internship at Lagos University Teaching Hospital. In the evenings of her Internship year, she got her first-hand experience on retail pharmacy, or community pharmacy as some like to call it, at Onyx Pharmacy, GRA, Ikeja. Her national youth service was at Smithkline Beecham – now GSK. She worked in production, quality control and sales departments. After service, she worked at May & Baker for a little while as a medical representative, and then returned to Smithkline Beecham, still as a med rep. It was here she honed her skills in selling, exhibiting and presentation; transforming her into a confident young professional. She added value and often emerged the best representative of the month.

She worked for a total of four years with May & Baker and Smithkline Beecham, after which she incorporated HealthPlus as a limited liability company in 1996.

In 2008, Bukky incorporated another company, CasaBella International Limited. CasaBella Beauty Supply, a one-stop store for grooming and beauty solutions for men and women, opened in 2010 at The Palms Mall Lagos. While HealthPlus is serious and conservative; CasaBella is fun and edgy. Bukky aspire to be the Boots pharmacy of Nigeria.

Bukky holds her first degree in Pharmacy from the University of Lagos. Over the years, she has developed herself as a professional in the past twenty-two years through continuous professional development (CPD), personal development, attending seminars and conferences, tradeshows, books, courses, networking, mentoring and joining technical and non-technical professional associations for instance the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN); Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN); Royal Pharmaceutical Society, UK; General Pharmaceutical Society, UK; International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP); Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN); Women in Management, Business and Public Service; and  Sanofi Pharmacy Advisory Board.



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