B2B Forum

The forum is a a networking platform for retail and suppliers/service providers to retail to meet, discuss, understands and collaborate on how to creates, deliver and receive value for mutual benefits.

The forum provides suppliers/service providers to retail with the opportunity to:

  •          Regularly engage retailers with new business innovations;
  •          Obtain a deep understanding of retailers’ objectives, requirements and preferences;
  • Understand the customer more and position to serve him better;
  •          Respond to retailers’ requirements where appropriate and feasible to do so; 
  •          Create a “win-win” relationship to meet retailers’ objectives and own objectives of financial performance by effectively attracting, acquiring, retaining and growing retail businesses;
  •          Create and foster a culture of cross-industry collaboration and information sharing; and
  • Become category champions and leaders.

The forum is a meeting point for suppliers/service providers to retail to create the much-needed impact at the point of retail.

It is an opportunity point for suppliers and service providers to;

  •          Know more about retailers business, pain points and opportunities
  •          Bring new ideas to retail
  •          Make the ideas work for retail

It is about:

  •          Product and service innovations
  •          New approaches to market
  •          More efficient processes at retail
  •          Information analytics and insights
  •          Business and performance optimisation

It’s time to network for greater and mutual value maximisation. Together, let us make retail great.

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