About The Retail Leaders Conference (TRLC)

The Conference is an annual colloquium of Nigerian retail thought and practice leaders. They brainstorm, discuss and align on the key issues, challenges and opportunities of the Nigerian Retail Industry and importantly how to drive the sustainable growth of the Industry.

The Conference was first convoked in 2014 and continues to grow year on year supporting the industry to chart the preferred transformation path and proffering practical solutions for the industry and business success.

We invite you to join us and together we shall make the future of Nigeria great.

TRLC 2014

In 2014, our theme was “The Nigerian Retail Transformation: Change, Challenges & Opportunities”. We explored the future of Retail in Nigeria and came out with imperatives that Nigerian Retailers must achieve to be alive and thrive in the future.

Our lead speakers where Mr Darnesh Gordhon (MD @Nestle), Mr Philip Odozua (MD @UBA) and Mr Idy Enang (MD @L’Oreal West Africa), Mr Matt Parmaks (EVP @DMSRetail Inc. Canada). Mrs Olusola Oworu (Commissioner for Commerce & Industry, Lagos State) was our Chief Guest of Honour.

TRLC 2015

In 2015, our theme was “The Future of Retail in Nigeria: The Seven Horsemen”. We examined the 7 Key Factors that will shape the Future of Retail in Nigeria. Key take aways were the need for retailers to futureproof their enterprises; and a call on the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to see the current decline national revenue occasioned by the fall oil price as the golden opportunity to diversify the economy by supporting other critical sectors of the economy, particularly retail and thus improve her revenue earning capacity as well as create employment opportunities for millions of unemployed youths in Nigeria.

Our Keynote Speaker was Maxi Sam Ohuanbuwa (Founder @ SOFEE). Our other Speakers were Lampe Omoyele (MD, WA @ The Neisen Company), Adenike Ogunlesi (Founder @ Ruff & Tumble), Bukky George (Owner @ Health Plus), Tokunbo Omisore (Founder @ Top Services), Sylvester John (WA Executive @ Game Store), Johnathan Doer (MD @ Jumia), Wale Olaoye (MD @ Halogen Security), amongst others.

TRLC 2016

This 2016 edition’s theme “Unlocking Retail Potentials for Survival, Growth & Sustainability” was picked because of the critical challenge of survival that keeping most retailers awake at night. The country already dealing major economic challenges – from infrastructural to bureaucratic challenges, added new challenges of foreign exchange and liquidity in the system and more. Faced with the current realities, a lot of retail organisations needed to take drastic measures to fight for their sustainable survival, from cutting costs fast by shrinking store footprints, limiting SKUs, tightening up supply chains to cutting store labour etc.

Our keynote speaker was Ibukun Awosika (Chairman, Board of Directors of First Bank of Nigeria). Our other speakers were Rahul Murgai (Managing Director for Reckitt Benckiser (RB) operations in Western Africa) Temitope Oshikoya (Former Director-General/CEO of the West African Monetary Institute and CEO of Nextnomics), Adenike Ogunlesi (CEO of Ruff & Tumble), Bukky George (CEO of HealthPlus), Nnamdi Ezeigbo (CEO of SLOT Limited) Deola Ade-Ojo (CEO of Deola Sagoe), Raphael Afaedor (CEO of Supermart.ng & Founder of Jumia) Samuel Ejeh (Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Grocery Bazaar Limited); Joseph Ebata (President/CEO of the Bervidson Group and Convener of the Conference) among others.

TRLC 2017

TRLC 2017 was convoked against the backdrop of major economic upheavals and structural challenges with the theme: “Supporting Retail the Next Driver of Nigeria’s Economic Growth”. As the government actively seeking to reposition the country with emphasis on diversification of the economy, the Conference drew the attention of the government and policy makers to a retail as the key sector that is set to become a major growth pillar for the country. The Conference was a meeting and melting point for all stakeholders; Government, Manufacturing, Banks and retail to come together and understand the critical role that retail plays in national economic transformation and how to support retail to grow and ultimately become the anchor of our national economic growth.

Our keynote speaker was His Excellency Darkey Africa, The Consul General, The South Africa Consulate General, Lagos. Our other speakers were Waheed Olagunju (Former Acting MD of Bank of Industry), Segun Ajibola (President & Chairman in Council, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria), Nnamdi Ezeigbo (MD of SLOT Limited), Adenike Ogunlesi (MD of Ruff & Tumble), Abhik Gupta (MD of East & West Africa Clusters (Nielsen), Henry Egbiki (MD of Ernst & Young, West Africa), Joseph Ebata (President/CEO of the Bervidson Group and Convener of the Conference) among others.

TRLC 2018

TRLC 2018 will build on the successes of the past editions. The theme “The Future of Retail in Nigeria 2.0 – Innovate or Perish” was chosen primarily to draw retailers’ attention to the key issues of future survival, sustainable growth and profitability. We expect participants to leave the Conference with clear actionable insights and responsibilities.



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